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Cleanroom Clogs JASMINE®

Designed with the comfort of your foot in mind, the inner surface of the product is anatomical. Smooth flat sore and opposite holes carved out for aeration of the foot provide ease of use throughout the day. Special conical design prevents splashing liquids from entering the foot.

Technical Specifications

The Jasmine and Unitem slippers can be sterilized at 121°C and 134°C. In addition, the slippers can be cleaned with all household or industrial detergent at 100°C. They can also be sterilized with liquid disinfectant solutions, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde.


It is covered by a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


It is made of special antistatic and antimicrobial material which is not affected by halogen flame. (Electrostatistical Discharge feature is optional.)

Heat Resistance: 134 °C

Specific Weight: 0,94

SHA Hardness: 65

Stretching when pressure is applied: 44 kg/cm²

Fracture Load Under Pressure: 100 kg/cm²

Maximum Flexibility: % 800

Scratch Resistance: 160 mm³

Tear Force: 610

Wear Resistance: Excellent

Ultraviolet Resistance: Excellent

Resistance to Strong Acids: Good

Resistance to Mild Acids: Excellent

Resistance to Alkaline Substances: Excellent

Resistance to Esters: Good

Resistance to Esters: Good





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